Everyday Chinese language. 900 phrases

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Everyday Chinese language. 900 phrases

An interactive Chinese language learning program.

This book, in conjunction with the “Talking Pen ZNATOK”, will help you quickly and effectively master the basic phrases of Chinese spoken language. 900 thematic phrases, more than 1500 keywords and 700 hieroglyphs are voiced by the inhabitants of China. The book is divided into 68 thematic sections, which makes it easy to find the material you are interested in.

  • Recommended for children and adults starting to learn Chinese
  • All texts are voiced by native speakers
  • Exact pronunciation and instantaneous synchronous repetition;
  • Self-study of conversational speech

ISBN: 9785424400599
Age: for children from 9 years old
Pages: 162 pages
Format: 145×256 mm
Binding: Soft

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