English language course for young children. Part 1

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English language course for young children. Part 1

Interactive English learning program

  • English texts are voiced by native speakers
  • Exact pronunciation and instant repetition of words, phrases and sentences;
  • Presented illustrations in Russian and English;
  • Learning in a game form
  • Jobs and questions with the ability to search and confirm the correct answer
  • Possibility of repetition and fixing of the material
  • Self-study of spoken English;
  • In each of the four books “English for Young Children” – 25 lessons
  • Listen and repeat: alphabet, numbers, words, sentences, dialogues and stories of heroes of different ages
  • In addition to part 1, the English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary and a notebook for practical exercises # 1 are included.

ISBN: 9785424400346
Age: for children from 5 years old
Pages in the book: 32 pages
Format: 190x260mm
Binding: Hard

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