We begin to read in English. A set of 5 books

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We begin to read in English. A set of 5 books

Interactive English learning program

A set of 5 sound books for preschoolers and junior schoolchildren, as well as everyone who wants to learn English.

In the process of communicating with these books, the child gets acquainted with the first words for him in English and learns the construction of the first light sentences. The main feature of these books is that each new word is presented in the form, rhymed with the previous word. This construction of the material helps to memorize new meanings of words more effectively. At the end of each book is a small English-Russian dictionary.

Author: Tatyana Klementyeva
ISBN: 9785424400780
Age: for children 3 years and older

The kit includes:

  • The book “I see a cat”
  • The book “I see a dog”;
  • “I see a king” book
  • The book “I see a moon”;
  • I see a cake.
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