Construction Set Klikko Magic-triangles

Price:  1 300 

Construction Set Klikko Magic-triangles


Klikko – construction set, amazing with its ability without the help of magnets, but only mechanical connections to turn flat figures into voluminous mobile structures. You are waiting for incredible transformations, deformations, geometric metamorphoses, visual mathematics, physical experiments and much more.

Set Klikko “Magic-triangles” consists of 57 parts, mostly triangular in shape.

Total in the set:

  • 6 triangles
  • 2 rectangular triangles
  • 2 coupling triangles (red color)
  • 2 coupling triangles (yellow color)
  • 10 coupling triangles (blue color)
  • 6 coupling linkage levers
  • 2 triangular connectors
  • 25 double connectors
  • 2 gears

The kit contains a colorful instruction describing 20 projects. Collect a boat, crystal, dinosaur, triangular tangram and many other objects! We did not specifically do more projects, so you can show your imagination!

Construction Set Klikko Magic-triangles is ideal for the very first acquaintance with this amazing designer, and to diversify the existing Klikko kits!