7 steps to communication. Spoken English

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7 steps to communication. Spoken English

Interactive English learning program

The book consists of 8 most popular topics in the field of live communication such as transportation, shopping, hotel, airport and others. The material is built in the form of dialogues, very simple in pronunciation and study, so you can easily and competently communicate abroad. In addition, the book introduces you to the peculiarities of the culture of behavior in the UK and the US. This edition is easy to use and will allow you to actively communicate during your trip!

  • All texts are voiced by native speakers
  • Exact pronunciation and instant repetition of phrases and sentences;
  • Presented illustrations in Russian and English;
  • Self-study of conversational speech
  • Distinctive features of expressions for the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Author: Tatyana Klementyeva
    ISBN: 9785424400612
    Age: for children from 6 years old
    Pages: 16 pages
    Format: 220x220mm
    Binding: Spring

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